East Tennessee Technology Park (ETTP)

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The U.S. Department of Energy's East Tennessee Technology Park (ETTP) is getting a second life through a unique process called Reindustrialization. Parts of the vast complex, located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, are available for lease or purchase.

ETTP is actually home to two distinct business centers - Heritage Center and Horizon Center.  The Heritage Center  is located at the site of a former gaseous diffusion plant, which is currently undergoing cleanup. Several buildings have been identified for potential reuse and there are several hundred acres of land that is available for new construction.

The Horizon Center is a new 1,000-acre greenfield site. The site is designed to provide building sites and amenities desired by high-tech companies while still preserving the area's scenic beauty.

Nuclear Safety and Fire Protection Engineering Support

In August 2011, Hukari Technical Services was awarded a Consulting and Professional Services contract to provide expert Nuclear Safety and Fire Protection Engineering support for the following:

    • Implement 10CFR830, Part B Nuclear Safety Management protocol and requirements and all related regulatory policies, directives, standards, guides, etc.

    • Provide oversight of project Documented Safety Analysis (DSA) development, revision, regulatory approval, implementation, and assessment.

    • Implement approved Unreviewed Safety Question (USQ) process.

    • Provide oversight and implementation of the project Criticality Safety Program.

    • Hukari personnel serving as acting Nuclear Safety program liaison with project operations management; Project Nuclear Safety interface with local and headquarters DOE counterparts.

    • Develop and implement Nuclear Safety program enhancements, corrective actions and lessons learned; provide day to day management of program personnel and Nuclear Safety related issues; and support other Nuclear Safety related tasks and activities as directed by project executive managers.

    • Implement fully compliant Fire Protection program in accordance with applicable NFPA and DOE regulations Policies, Directives, Standards, Guides, etc.

    • Manage Fire Hazards and Life Safety Analyses in support of project operations, modifications, and D&D and construction.

    • Support Nuclear Safety program implementation in areas of accident analysis and fire hazards analysis.

    • Provide management and Oversight of Fire Safety assessments, program and equipment upgrades, and corrective actions addressing identified weaknesses and issues.


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