River Bend Unit 3 Nuclear Reactor Project - Combined Operating License Application (COLA) Development

Hukari Technical Services (HUKARI) provided a team of personnel to support the development of licensing submittal documents for a new nuclear reactor at Entergy’s River Bend site near Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Entergy was considering several technologies for this project and HUKARI personnel supported the ABWR project. The team’s scope included preparation of the Environmental Report (ER) and the site specific sections of the Final Safety Analysis Report (FSAR).

HUKARI provided licensing engineering personnel, an environmental scientist, and a mechanical engineer in a staff augmentation role to prepare chapters of the ER and FSAR documents using the guidance in NUREG- 1555 and Regulatory Guides 1.70 and 1.206, in an electronic submittal format using Adobe Framemaker software.

HUKARI personnel specifically were involved in the description of site features such as the following:

We are also providing oversight and review of COLA sections developed by other organizations. These include reviewing for compliance with the requirements of 10 CFR 52, Reg Guide 1.206, and NUREG 0800. HUKARI is also responsible for ensuring that the Reference Reactor Application (R-COLA) is properly utilized in Site specific (S-COLA) submittals.

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