Technology Assessment for a Confidential Commercial Nuclear Client

Hukari Technical Services (HUKARI) conducted a Comparative Analysis of Small, Modular, Scalable Nuclear Power Reactors for purpose of client evaluation of selected features and characteristics to inform long-term strategic planning for generation growth. The analysis included detailed reviews of each new reactor system being offered in the United States (AP-1000, ABWR, ESBWR, EPR, APWR) as part of our involvement in the emergence of next generation of commercial nuclear power. These reviews included both the assessment of each new design on its own merits and a technical comparison of the competing designs. HUKARI helped develop the comprehensive approach for performing the evaluation which included a weighting and scoring structure of numerous related technical attributes. Other technology areas assessed included each reactor project team, project risks, manufacturing, and regulatory acceptance and review.

Review criteria included:

1) Ability to obtain NRC design certification and combined operating license,

2) Capital costs,

3) Construction schedule,

4) Nuclear safety aspects, and

5) Several other key evaluation criteria (e.g. safety risk, materials, maintenance, etc.)

A total of approximately 36 technical attribute areas were formally reviewed, and consensus scores established regarding the absolute and relative merit of each technology. The client utility has characterized the effort as the most detailed evaluation of new reactor technology yet undertaken by a nuclear utility

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