Different Types of Nuclear Power Plant Jobs

nuclear engineer jobs plant

There are several types of nuclear power plants, and the professionals in these facilities form very involved and highly skilled teams that help to create sustainable values through the talent and hard work of their members. The exploitation of a power plant is always based on a team of professionals in which the performance of each member contributes to the overall performance of the organization.

Different types of nuclear power plant and nuclear engineer jobs include:


Specialists in the field of Electronic Engineering

Specialization: Applied Electronics, Electronic Equipment and Systems, Telecommunication Technologies and Systems, Telecommunications Networks and Software, Microelectronics


Specialists in the field of Civil Engineering

Specialization: Civil and Industrial Constructions


Specialists in the field of Public Acquisitions

Specialization: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Energy Engineering, Civil Engineering (Civil and Industrial Constructions), Public Acquisition Specialist


Specialists in the field of Physics

Specialization: Technological Physics


Specialists in the field of Chemistry

Specialization: Chemical Engineering/Chemistry


Specialists in the field of Information Technology

Specialization: Computers and Information Technology/ Informatics, Systems Engineering / Applied Informatics, Electronic Engineering, Networks and Telecommunications Software