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For more than 40 years, facilities at the Hanford Site produced plutonium critical to the nation’s defense during World War II and throughout the Cold War. This effort resulted in the production of 56 million gallons of radioactive and chemical wastes, which are currently stored in 177 underground tanks. The tanks range in capacity from 55,000 gallons to more than one million gallons.

The tank waste is a complex and diverse combination of radioactive and chemical waste that takes the physical form of sludges, salts and liquids with varying combinations of chemical properties. The waste is stored in 149 aging single-shell tanks and 28 double-shell tanks. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has minimized the risk of waste leaking from the 149 single-shell tanks by removing pumpable liquids and transferring those liquids to the double-shell tanks. To date, DOE has retrieved the solid waste from 14 of the single-shell-tanks.

HukariAscendent has provided support to Washington River Protection Solutions LLC (WRPS) as follows:

  • Provided engineering support for the DOE design and operability reviews for the Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant (WTP).
    • Conducted the High Level Waste (HLW) Facility Design and Operability Reviews.
    • Determined if the system and associated components will meet their functional and design requirements.
    • Identified design shortcomings and specific issues that would either prevent these HLW Systems from operating or impact design throughput.
    • Made recommendations to improve or correct the design based upon the issues found during the reviews.
    • Prepared a summary report which documented the design review, reviewed systems, issues and recommendations for design improvement/correction.
  • Provided support for the integrated WRPS, WTP Project and DOE-Office of River Protection (DOE-ORP) team charged with the identification and coordination of readiness planning. Supported integration of the contracts to help assure joint readiness of the WTP and the Tank Operations Contract (TOC) facilities for hot operations.  Interfaced closely with the WTP Project and DOE-ORP.  The scope of work included technical and engineering elements:
    • Ensured a common approach to the processes of achieving, validating and verifying readiness to operate the TOC and WTP facilities.
    • Reviewed and coordinated TOC/WTP schedules to ensure an integrated approach.
    • Provided assistance to the resolution of technical issues which may impact ultimate operations.
    • Ensured interfaces were adequately addressed between WTP and TOC.