Ivanpah Solar Thermal Power Plant

Western US

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Project Services

  • Construction, Maintenance, and Operations
  • Program and Project Management
  • Solar Energy Services
  • Solar Lifecycle QAQC

The Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System (SEGS) – owned by NRG Energy, Google, and BrightSource Energy – will use BrightSource’s proven solar tower technology to produce clean, reliable solar electricity to more than 140,000 homes. The facility opened in 2014 and is currently the largest solar thermal power tower system in the world. Located in Ivanpah Dry Lake, California, the three-unit power system is built on approximately 4,000 acres of public desert land.

Hukari Technical Services provided operations and maintenance consulting services and project support in the following areas:

  • Normal, Abnormal and Emergency Operating Procedures Development
  • Preventative Maintenance Procedure Development
  • Training Program Design
  • Job Task Analysis
  • Systems Training Material Development and Presentation
  • Power Plant Simulator validation and Testing
  • CPUC and GO-167 Compliance
  • Site Operating Plan