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  • Deactivation, Decommissioning, and Demolition
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HukariAscendent prepared a Safety Analysis Document (SAD) and Accelerator Safety Envelope (ASE) per the Department of Energy (DOE) Order, DOE O 420.2B, for demolishing Building 51 and the Bevatron accelerator at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL).  HukariAscendent’s scope included:

  • Developing the first SAD and ASE under DOE O 420.2B for decommissioning and demolishing an accelerator and is being used by DOE as an example of how to write them.
  • Review of existing characterization reports to support the completion of the SAD, ASE, and supporting document deliverables. Review of demolition contractor plans to evaluate techniques and associated hazards.
  • Incorporation of LBNL comments on draft SAD and ASE and review of existing LBNL documents to ensure consistency with SAD and ASE.
  • Meeting the accelerated schedule (3 weeks) for preparing the SAD and ASE.
  • Assessment of the state of the current facility, and the proposed end state.
  • Conducting site walk-downs, gathering documents and information, and reviewing safety management programs.
  • Completion of accident consequence analyses of the facility.
  • Development of an Unreviewed Safety Issue (USI) procedure.

HukariAscendent also completed an independent detailed review of a cost estimate previously developed for the LBNL Old Town Demolition project.  HukariAscendent provided technical input; validated estimate data; and made suggestions for improvement.  LBNL used this review to improve its estimate in preparation for review by DOE.