Pit Disassembly & Conversion (PDC) Design Project

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Pit Disassembly & Conversion (PDC) Design Project

The Pit Disassembly and Conversion Facility (PDCF) located at the Savannah River Site (SRS), is a National Nuclear Security Administration facility, designed to dismantle excess nuclear weapons pits and prepare oxide suitable for use in Mixed Oxide (MOX) fuel for commercial reactors. The PDCF will disassemble nuclear weapons pits, convert the resulting plutonium to an unclassified oxide form suitable to be used as feed for MOX fuel and properly transfer the remaining pit components and materials. PDCF has a facility design life of 50 years.

HukariAscendent provided professional services for Design, Technical Risk Assessment, and Hazards Analysis involved in weapons disassembly and related safety risk reduction operations for the PDC Design Project – a part of the Treaty on Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.


Specific HukariAscendent responsibilities included:

  • Development, review, and approval of System Design Descriptions (SDDs).
  • Value engineering support services (evaluation, review, & study of design-state documentation at various stages).
  • Hazards analysis of nuclear facility.
  • Providing Systems Engineering Liaison with project safety basis development.
  • Identification of safety-related system & component functional requirements, & surveillance acceptance criteria.
  • Technical risk assessment of nuclear material operations.
  • Establishing glovebox standards for containment and ventilation systems in support of Documented Safety Analysis (DSA) and accident analysis assumptions.
  • Designing fire protection system and establishing combustible loading requirements for gloveboxes and surrounding areas.
  • Establishing process equipment and furnace specifications to support safe operations and material handling to minimize radiological hazards.
  • Project controls

HukariAscendent’s system engineering support has entailed taking ownership of our assigned tasks related to systems and serving as liaison between the Licensing and Design Engineering organizations, and has resulted in driving issues to closure.


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