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HukariAscendent supported Nuclear Safety and Readiness activities at the Sandia National Laboratory (SNL).  HukariAscendent’s scope of work:

  • Prepared, reviewed, and maintained safety basis documents for SNL nuclear and industrial facilities; including Documented Safety Analyses (DSAs), Technical Safety Requirements (TSRs), Safety Basis Supplements (SBSs), Safety Assessments (SAs) for Moderate and High Hazard facilities/operations/activities and Safety Assessment Documents (SADs) for Accelerator Facilities.
  • Performed re-analysis of SNL’s Transportation DSA, which included analysis of transportation scenarios for various equipment and material transport activities.
  • Developed, reviewed, and maintained SNL safety basis requirements, policies, and procedures that implement DOE rules, orders, standards and guides applicable to DOE nuclear facility safety and site office guidance on industrial facility safety.
  • Prepared and delivered nuclear safety and industrial facility safety basis training courses, including, but not limited to, Unreviewed Safety Question (USQ) Training Hazards Analysis Training, and Specific Administrative Control (SAC) Training Management of Change (MOC) Training.
  • Reviewed Primary Hazard Screening (PHS) documents for facility hazard categorization determinations for nuclear and industrial facility safety basis.
  • Participated in assessment and assurance activities associated with nuclear and industrial facility safety activities, including line implementation of nuclear and industrial facility safety requirements.


HukariAscendent employees were recognized for their contribution in reducing the SNL nuclear footprint as part of the Gamma Irradiation Facility Hazard Category Downgrade Team.