Nuclear Safety Analysis

Hanford Site – Plateau Remediation Project (PRP)


The scope of the Hanford Plateau Remediation Contract (PRC) is to advance the cleanup of the central portion of the Hanford Site, known as the 200 Area or the Central Plateau. The scope includes completion of the Plutonium Finishing Plant project; characterization of facilities and waste sites; disposal activities related to non-tank farm waste; environmental […]

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New Brunswick Laboratory


HukariAscendent has supported Conduct of Operations, Nuclear Safety, Quality Assurance, and Readiness activities at the New Brunswick Laboratory (NBL).  HukariAscendent’s scope of work:

  • Provided Nuclear Safety Subject Matter Expert (SME) to provide expert support for the NBL to produce a safety basis document set in response to violations and to allow for de-inventory.
  • Provided Justification […]
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Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


HukariAscendent prepared a Safety Analysis Document (SAD) and Accelerator Safety Envelope (ASE) per the Department of Energy (DOE) Order, DOE O 420.2B, for demolishing Building 51 and the Bevatron accelerator at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL).  HukariAscendent’s scope included:

  • Developing the first SAD and ASE under DOE O 420.2B for decommissioning and demolishing an accelerator […]
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Argonne National Laboratory (ANL)


HukariAscendent has provided Nuclear Safety and Criticality Safety Program Manager, Operations Manager, Safety Basis Analysts, Readiness Review Manager, Procedure Writers, Performance Assessors, NQA-1 Lead Auditors, project management, and other Subject Matter Experts to provide technical assistance and mentoring at the Argonne National Laboratory (ANL).  HukariAscendent’s Scope included:

  • Preparing, implementing, and continuous improvement of Argonne’s Safety […]
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Sandia National Laboratory


HukariAscendent supported Nuclear Safety and Readiness activities at the Sandia National Laboratory (SNL).  HukariAscendent’s scope of work:

  • Prepared, reviewed, and maintained safety basis documents for SNL nuclear and industrial facilities; including Documented Safety Analyses (DSAs), Technical Safety Requirements (TSRs), Safety Basis Supplements (SBSs), Safety Assessments (SAs) for Moderate and High Hazard facilities/operations/activities and Safety Assessment […]
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