What Might a Nuclear Criticality Safety Job Entail?

Nuclear criticality safety Engineer Jobs

If you want to work in a nuclear power plant, one of the best nuclear engineer jobs that you might consider is that of a nuclear criticality safety engineer. This job is reserved for people who work well under pressure and aren’t afraid to put their intelligence on display, come up with creative and clever ways of maximizing safety, and keep up with the standard evaluations and research necessary to stay on track with existing methods for handling nuclear fuel.


Nuclear criticality safety engineers might not seem to have the most exciting jobs in the power plant, but on their shoulders rests the safety and stability of the energy generation process itself. As a safety engineer, you will carry a lot of responsibility and work on keeping and improving the measures that are designed to keep nuclear processes from going critical. In most cases, you will likely spend most of your time either in front of a computer or at a switchboard, as you monitor various equipment and check temperature levels or gauges to ensure that the system remains stable at at all times.


Probably the most rewarding part of nuclear criticality safety jobs is that you’ll be responsible for ensuring the safe generation of power that will light up countless of homes and ensure that people have heating, cooling and other utilities running like clockwork without having to face the risk of any type of danger.