HukariAscendent considers its personnel to be the backbone of the company, and in support of that, they receive significant compensation above the norm. HukariAscendent is able to provide this degree of compensation by keeping overhead and general infrastructure expenses low. This philosophy also allows HukariAscendent to pass on competitive rates to the client, thus assuring a “Best Value”.

HukariAscendent salaries are based on attitude, teamwork, years of experience, type of expertise, and the level of education. We believe that life and job experiences count, and take this into consideration when determining a salary level.


HukariAscendent sponsors a 401(k) plan that allows investment in a variety of well performing funds. Our company contributes to each employee’s 401(k) based on gross income, no employee contribution is required. Employees are 100%, immediately, vested in the plan. Employees may contribute voluntarily to their 401(k) plan, up to the maximum amount allowed by law.

HukariAscendent offers employee Paid Time Off (PTO), which is accrued bi-weekly. All hours are placed into a PTO “Bank” for use by the employee for illness, holidays, and vacation in accordance with company policies.

HukariAscendent offers multiple nationwide Group Health Plans. Coverage is available anywhere in the continental United States wherever the employee may be assigned by HukariAscendent. Benefits are effective the first of the month following the start date.

HukariAscendent also offers the following:

• Vision Plan
• Dental Insurance
• Life Insurance
• Short and Long Term Disability Insurance

Hukari Ascendent offers excellent benefits for professional and technical services jobs