NFPA 241 Code Committee

Don Foti, a HukariAscendent, Inc. (Hukari) employee, serves on the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 241 Code Committee.

Involvement of industry professionals fuels the development of national codes and creates the foundation of advancements in safety. Hukari encourages employees to participate in code development. Several Hukari employees are members of code development committees. Don Foti is […]

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Safety Advocate for the OSWDF Construction

Cabel Breitenbach is an employee of HukariAscendent. He works as a Construction Engineer/Contract Technical Representative (CTR) at the OSWDF (On Site Waste Disposal Facility) at the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant in Piketon, OH. He has worked on-site for 2 ½ years. Two years ago, he was given the opportunity to undertake the role of Safety […]

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Dr. Patrick Longmire – Environmental Aqueous Geochemistry

Dr. Patrick Longmire joined the HukariAscendent team in May, and he provides subject matter expertise in environmental aqueous geochemistry to Newport Nuclear News BWXT (N3B) and Department of Energy (DOE)-Environmental Management-Los Alamos Field Office (EM-LA), Los Alamos, New Mexico. His primary technical focus is on the fate and transport and remediation of the hexavalent chromium […]

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Ken’s Retirement

Retirement: A world and state of mind we all strive to get to and sit happily, after our achievements. in our career journey. Our esteemed colleague Ken Hukari,  former CEO/Founder of Hukari Technical Services, Inc., then later CEO of the now merged HukariAscendent, Inc. announced his retirement earlier this year and recently we celebrated his career […]

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Healing Americas Heroes (HAH)

Kitty Gandee from Hukari is a volunteer and her husband Dan Gandee, a disabled combat Marine, is the Fly-Tying Instructor for HAH. Dan is also the creator of HAH Fly to honor combat veterans. They invite you to visit to volunteer and/or donate to support disabled veterans.

The HAH Fly is made in the style […]

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HukariAscendent – New CEO

HukariAscendent, Inc. is excited to announce important personnel changes, designed to move the company into the future while carrying on the history of excellence in providing technical, professional support to the nuclear industry.  Patrice McEahern, currently President, will become Chief Executive Officer/President, while Ken Hukari will move into an advisory position. The changes will go into […]

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Water 2 Wine

HukariAscendent Recruiter Dan Nugent owns a boutique winery with his daughter Malissa. Water 2 Wine is an award-winning, craft winery, located in Centennial, CO. The family-run winery has been in operation since 2007 and is the perfect place to enjoy over 70 wine varietals/blends made in CO. They source their “must” (juice concentrate) from 100 […]

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Transcontinental Run 2021- Journey Across America On Foot

On September 2, 2001, Mr. Moon set out to achieve one of the hardest endurance feats in human history. The Transcontinental Run from San Francisco to New York City. This was a goal he set in previous years, and knew he had to set himself up for success. He sold his company in Atlanta, packed […]

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