HukariAscendent – New CEO

HukariAscendent, Inc. is excited to announce important personnel changes, designed to move the company into the future while carrying on the history of excellence in providing technical, professional support to the nuclear industry.  Patrice McEahern, currently President, will become Chief Executive Officer/President, while Ken Hukari will move into an advisory position. The changes will go into effect immediately. The balance of the leadership team remains unchanged. Patrice joined HukariAscendent as President in 2021 after a long career providing leadership, management and engineering in the nuclear industry, focused on the Department of Energy Environmental Management, Office of Science and National Nuclear Security Administration. Patrice began her career in commercial nuclear facilities and is well positioned to service the complete portfolio. Founded in 1999, HukariAscendent has a reputation for bringing innovative solutions and uniquely experienced talent to nuclear deterrence, commercial nuclear power, and cleanup businesses across the country.  For more information, please call HukariAscendent at 303-384-9079 or visit

Patrice McEahern portrait