NFPA 241 Code Committee

Don Foti, a HukariAscendent, Inc. (Hukari) employee, serves on the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 241 Code Committee.

Involvement of industry professionals fuels the development of national codes and creates the foundation of advancements in safety. Hukari encourages employees to participate in code development. Several Hukari employees are members of code development committees. Don Foti is currently serving on the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 241, Standard for Safeguarding Construction, Alteration and Demolition Operations that addresses fire safety measures for buildings being modified.

Life Safety features (NFPA 101, Life Safety) for buildings being constructed or demolished are problematic as many building features are not yet present, (e.g., fire walls, permanent power, sprinkler protection). Before 2022, editions of NFPA 241 had vague direction on providing Life safety for workers.

Hukari, supporting the Code development process, introduced a simplified concept to provide life safety for workers. The concept focuses on the goals of protecting workers, not the physical components to provide such protection. The goals are quite direct. Workers need to know an emergency exists, have a path to gain safety, and be able to see the path. Simply stated,
•Know of the emergency,
•Have a path to safety, and
•See the path.

NFPA 241, 2022 directs the fire protection program manager for construction/demolition projects develop a plan for egress from a building. Common features include use of telephones and radios to alert workers. Air horns may also be used. A minimum of two escape routes are identified prior to work each day, as needed, to address changes in the building configuration, and lighting is provided. Flashlights and work limited to daylight hours are two methods commonly used.

The 2025 revision of NFPA 241 is now being written. Hukari personnel are developing clarifying information to aid fire protection program managers to develop the plan for egress. The information will be included in the 241 Appendix.