Safety Advocate for the OSWDF Construction

Cabel Breitenbach is an employee of HukariAscendent. He works as a Construction Engineer/Contract Technical Representative (CTR) at the OSWDF (On Site Waste Disposal Facility) at the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant in Piketon, OH. He has worked on-site for 2 ½ years. Two years ago, he was given the opportunity to undertake the role of Safety Work Group Advocate at the OSWDF. The role of this position includes presenting monthly materials that target specific areas of safety and health, practices to improve in the workplace and at home, schedule and facilitate monthly Safety Work Group (SWG) meetings. He is responsible for recording meeting minutes and execute/assign action items for any safety issues that need to be resolved. In addition to his role as SWG Advocate, he attends Company Employee Safety Team (CEST) quarterly meetings with safety advocates throughout the plant site.

During his time as a SWG Advocate he has set a variety of goals to improve the safety and wellbeing of his fellow co-workers as well as the working environment. These goals include listening to any issues or concerns addressed in SWG meetings, diligently seeking a resolution to issues/concerns, presenting safety information in a way that sparks discussion and interaction among the attendees, and improving any unsafe work conditions found on the job site. Some of his accomplishments / improvements for a safer work environment have included; a damaged speed bump became a safety concern. He contacted the facility manager about the issue and working together with Northwind was able to procure and install a new speed bump. An automatic door was damaged which became a safety hazard when opening and closing. Cabel contacted the facility manager and with the cooperation of maintenance the issue was resolved.

Before Cabel took over the Safety Advocate role, attendance was running subpar for the SWG meetings; because he was able to make improvements, attendance now at the SWG meetings is in the ninety-fifth percentile. Cabel plans to continue acting as Safety Advocate for the OSWDF and keep making improvements at Ports to create a safer workplace for everyone.

HukariAscendent would like to thank and congratulate Cabel for his participation in the SWG Advocate program, a job well done. Always putting Safety First!