Transcontinental Run 2021- Journey Across America On Foot

On September 2, 2001, Mr. Moon set out to achieve one of the hardest endurance feats in human history. The Transcontinental Run from San Francisco to New York City. This was a goal he set in previous years, and knew he had to set himself up for success. He sold his company in Atlanta, packed up everything he could fit into the bed of his truck, and set out to train at high altitude in Park City, UT. Living at 7,000 feet, with trails outside his doors step, he was able to get the proper training he needed for his body to run 3,127.6 miles. After one year of training at altitude, he took his RV, and headed West. Choosing when to leave for the run was critical. He picked September 2nd because that day is his grandfather’s birthday. Also, one does not want to leave too late in the year and get caught in winter storms on the East Coast.

Mr. Moon’s original goal was to break the World Record for the fastest time, which is 42 days. He was on pace until he crossed over the Sierra Nevada’s and entered the desert in Nevada. He developed tendonitis in his left leg which slowed down his pace, but he never took a single day off. He pushed through the pain. Mentally this hurt. He knew his goal was out of reach. He broke down. So much hard work, just to see the World Record slip through his fingertips. His crew lifted his spirits, and they continued on their journey. Never stopping, no matter what hardships presented themselves. He kept repeating his mantra in his head, “So Much Grit, I Will Never Quit.” He crossed the Sierra Nevada Mountains, ran at night through the desert of Nevada, made it over the Wasatch Mountains in Utah, hit the highest elevations of his run in Colorado, over Rabbit Ears Pass and Cameron Pass, ran through the Great Plains during Harvest Season, crossed the Mississippi River, and climbed over the Appalachian Mountains. He ran through rain, sleet, snow, tornado warnings, changed route due to wildfires, dodged semis, and nothing was going to stop him from reaching New York City. The goal was to finish on October 13, but everyday was a battle. He never knew how many miles he was going to log. He could only focus on one day at a time. That is how he persevered. Two weeks out from finishing, he saw that he could finish his run on Veterans Day, only if he ran 53 miles a day. On November 11, 2021, he crossed on the George Washington Bridge, and ran the last 13 miles to the steps of New York City Hall. He had made it! Being a U.S. Air Force veteran, this was an emotional day for him. A day he will never forget. 71 days after beginning his journey in California, he reached New York City. All the pain was worth it. 21,000 people have summited Everest, only 242 have ever ran across America. He would never have completed this journey without the love and support from everyone in his life. One cannot do hard things alone, one needs an amazing team to help one achieve those goals! He ended up breaking 3 World Records, which are currently pending with Guinness. Most consecutive Ultra Marathons, Most Ultras in a month, and Most Ultra Marathons in a year. 71 days, 3,127.6 miles, 14 pairs of shoes, one mission.

“Fortitudine Vincimus” – “By Endurance, We Conquer.”

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