What Types of Nuclear Jobs Are at the Department of Energy?

Nuclear Power Jobs



If you’re looking to find nuclear power jobs where you can learn about and operate advanced equipment used in nuclear science, the Department of Energy provides plenty of advanced work opportunities for you to engage in. Some of these jobs can be difficult and complex, and they might require a great deal of training and education. However, once you land a position as a nuclear technician or engineer, the remuneration, benefits, career opportunities and fulfillment will be well worth the effort.


Nuclear technicians have the task of assisting experts in their work, providing support in areas such as radiation safety, and aiding in the research process, as well as testing and the maneuvering of radioactive material using remote control methods.


Nuclear engineers have a more important set of tasks that also involve a great deal of responsibility. These professionals known how to design, maintain and operate advanced equipment used in the manipulation of radioactive materials and in fields such as nuclear energy production and nuclear medicine.


Medical physicists are also important when it comes to the responsibilities technicians have to deal with at a nuclear facility. These experts are trained in nuclear science and medical physics, being experts in the way that nuclear energy can be manipulated and used safely and in dealing with critical situations where the health of technicians is put in danger.